I’m not angry at you

and that’s the truth

I’m angry at the way

you block me out

These locks with no keys

makes me scream and shout

I’m angry at the way

you hide yourself

as if you can’t see

how you’re better than everyone else.

I’m angry at your disguises

and false masks

angry at your cover-ups

that make me so rash.

I just wanna know more

about you

about your life and your past

and your future dreams, too.

You think you’re too much

but I’m saying you’re not enough

You think you’re too vulnerable

but I’m saying you’re too cold.

I need to know more

so what can I do?

come closer, come further?

either way I’m pushed away by you.

It makes me so happy when

I learn a little more

when I see the other parts you

and I’m reminded again for sure

that it’s perfect

you’re perfect

and anger can’t even begin.

But please

oh please

God, please

can you ever let me in?!

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